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Circuit system to upgrade the house Is a big project, need utilities to disconnect your wires. Each of these wires has a voltage of 120 volts, which can be reused. As the wires are cut off。

Next, using a new instrument socket, 200 amps of current flow through the top to bothterminals, through the meter through the two terminals at the bottom and through the hole behind you can see a connector for securing the wire into your home. The wire hole before was too small so we need to drill a new hole. The outer vinyl panel and sheath will continue to use this smaller

bore saw with an extension that may help to complete other parts of the house, through which 200 amps cables pass. Turn this over and you can see that the connector has a plastic sleeve to keep the wires from fraying, there are two wire conductors each of which is 120 volts, and then there is a neutral conductor that carries the electricity to the pole. Gently put it all in, and to put this level here to make sure it's level, use these stainless steel screws, and prepare more pipe seals to keep any moisture out of the meter Was This is how power through the three cables into your home, waterproof connectors, prevent water from entering the cable and cable into the meter at the top of the socket Is a new service entrance, it has the same three heavier wires have a waterproof head inside pipeline sealing to prevent any water into the pipe, now has the very strong PVC pipe, the pipe lines provides more protection. Final connection need to put the clip in the house every few feet outside the pipe fixed. So the most important part of each electrical system is the right grounding and the right earth rods will make sure that the power is always on the ground to prevent the shock You're six feet away, you have to mark all the facilities underground, and then you put the ground rod where you don't want to touch it


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