LW8-40 outdoor High-voltage circuit breaker

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StandardsGB/T28001-2011 idt OHSAS18001:2007


Actastheprotectingandcontrollingunitforgridequipmentsandindustrialminingenterprises’equipments,LW8-40.5 type outdoor SF6 circuit breaker is an outdoor device used in AC 50HZ three-phase 40.5KV power system.It is applicable to locations that need frequent operating in rated current or under repeatedly on/off short circuit current. Containing the current transformer for measurement and protection, it can directly replace SW2-35 less oil circuit breaker and various types of oil circuit breaker with transition bracket. It can also be used as a tie breaker and switching capacitor group situations with CT14 type spring mechanism.



GB/T28001-2011 idt OHSAS18001:2007

GB/T24001-2004 idt ISO14001:2004


Excellent breaking performance, short burning arc time, long life;

Mechanical life of more than 3000 times;

Operation frequently, each can be installed 12 current transformers;

New type SF6 MKZ pointer type density meter, pressure gauge reading is not affected by temperature changes;

Environmental Condition



Wind pressure:≤700Pa

Relative humidity:daily average relative humidity: ≤95%;monthly average relative humidity≤90;daily average saturated vapor pressure ≤2.2KPa;monthly average value ≤1.8KPa

Air pollution level:Ⅲ

Earthquake intensity:≤8 degree

The installation should be free from fire, explosion, severe vibration, chemical corrosion and serious pollution

Main Technical Parameters

Description Unit Data
Rated voltage KV 40.5
Rated insulation level Lightning impact withstand voltage(full wave peak)   185/215(isolating break)
  1min power frequency withstand voltage   95
Rated current A 1600 2000
Meachanical life Times 3000
Rated SF6 gas pressure(at 20℃) Mpa 0.45
Self-locking pressure(at 20℃)   0.45
Lowest working ambient temperature -30
Rated short circuit breaking current KA 25 31.5
Rated short circuit making current(peak)   63 80
Rated short withstand current(Thermal steady current)   25 31.5
Rated peak withstand current(dynamic steady current)   63 80
Rated out-of-phase breaking current KA 63 80
Duration of rated short circuit current S 4
Closing time(at rated operating voltage)   ≤1
Opening time(at rated operating voltage)   ≤0.07
Rated operating sequence (O)-0.3S-(CO)-180S-(CO)
Rated breaking/making sigle capacitor current A 400
Nos of breaking rated short circuit breaking current times 15 10
Yearly gas leakege %/years ≤1
Water content in SF6(at 20℃) PPM(V) ≤150
Rated voltage of assembied spring operating mechanism V -220
Voltage of closing coil, opening coil   AC:220
Voltage of charging motor V AC:220
SF6 Weight KG 8
Breaking weight including operating mechanism   1400

Note: Please contact the factory to confirm the latest parameters

Outline and installation dimension

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