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  • outdoor vacuum circuit breaker principle

      In the circuit, the circuit breaker acts just as a fuse, but the fuse can only function once, while circuit breakers can be used repeatedly. As long as the current reaches a dangerous level, it can immediately cause an open circuit. the live wire in the circuit is connected to both ends of the switch. When the switch is placed in the on state, current flows from the bottom terminal, sequentially through the electromagnet, moving contactor, static contactor, and finally from the top terminal.   Current can magnetize the electromagnet. The magnetic force generated by the electromagnet increases with the increase of the current. If the current decreases, the magnetic force will also decrease. When the current jumps to a dangerous level, the electromagnet will generate a magnetic force large enough to pull a metal rod connected to the switch linkage. This tilts the moving contactor away from the static contactor, which in turn cuts the circuit. The current is interrupted.       Outdoor vacuum circuit breakers can be used to distribute electrical energy, start asynchronous motors infrequently, and protect power lines and motors. When they have serious overload or short circuit and undervoltage faults, they can automatically cut off the circuit. Their function is equivalent to a fuse switch. Combination with overheating relay etc. And after breaking the fault current, there is generally no need to change parts.

  • Features of dropout fuse cutout

    (1) Main advantages of dropout fuse cutout① Good selectivity. As long as the rated current of the fuse link of the upper and lower level fuse meets the requirements of 1.6:1 overcurrent selection ratio specified in the national standard and IEC standard, which means the rated current of the upper level fuse link is not less than 1.6 times of the value of the lower level, it is considered that the upper and lower level can selectively cut off the fault current;② Good current limiting characteristics and high breaking capacity;③ Relatively smaller size;④ Cheaper price.(2) Main disadvantages of dropout fuse cutout① The fuse link must be replaced after the fault is fused;② The protection function is single, only one section of over-current inverse time characteristic, overload, short circuit and ground fault are protected by this protection;③ In case of one phase fusing, the three-phase motor will lead to the adverse consequences of two-phase operation. Of course, the fuse with alarm signal can be used to make up, and one phase fusing can disconnect three-phase;④ It is impossible to realize remote control. It needs to be combined with electric knife switch and switch.

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  • Overview Vacuum circuit breaker

    Introduction of Vacuum circuit breaker"Vacuum Circuit Breaker" gets its name because its arc extinguishing medium and the insulation medium of the contact gap after arc extinguishing are both high vac...

  • Congratulations on our 11kv & 33KV current and voltage transformers passing KEMA testing

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  • Overview voltage transformer

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  • What is lightning arrester?

    The introduction about lightning arresterA surge lighting arrester is a piece of equipment that is designed to protect electrical systems and components from damages that can be caused by surges of el...

  • Overview the fuse cutout

    The definition of fuse cutout In electrical distribution system, fuse cutout is a combination of fuse and switch, which are mainly used overhead feeder lines and taps to protect distribution transform...

  • How to Interpret Capacitor Markings

    When putting together a circuit, it would be nice if discrete components had every spec written right on them. But the fact is, normally there’s just not enough space to display this information in pl...

  • Upgrating electrical service-install 220a meter socket

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