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AISO Electric Supply Cost-effective Price JDZW-10(6)R Voltage Transformer

Specification: 10-39 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 1 PIECE
Supply Ability: 1000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Brand Name AISO/OEM
Model Number JDZW-10(6)R
Usage Power
Phase Three
Coil Structure Toroidal
Coil Number Autotransformer
Product 10kv voltage transformer
Rated Voltage 10kV
Burden 50VA
Rated Frequency50/60Hz
Application low Voltage
Operating Temperature -30~40 ℃
Class 3
Capacitor CertificationISO9001/IEC
Sample Accept

LDZC-610 Series voltage transformer


It is suitable for JDZW-10R fully enclosed in sulated voltage transformer(hereinafter referred to as transformer er). Transformer is outdoor device, it is built-in with fuse to be used in power system with rated frequency of 50Hz/60Hz and rated voltage of 10KV for electrical measurements, protection and power supply.

Working conditions
1.System grounding method
Neutral point non-effective grounding system

No. Name
Unit Parameter
1 Ambient temperature(outdoor) Maximum temperature 40
Minimum temperature -30
Maximum daily temperature difference K 30
2 Altitude m ≥1500
3 Solar radiation intensity W/cm2 0.1
4 Ice thickness  mm 10
5 Wind speed and wind pressure m/sPa 34/700
6 Maximum wind speed(from the ground heigh 10M, to maintain the average maximum of 10min m/s 35
7 Humi dity Average relative humidity % ≤95
Average monthly relative humidty ≤90
8 Earthquake resistant capacity Horizontal acceleration g 0.3
Ground vertical acceleration 0.15
Safety factor / 1.67

Technical parameters 

Type Rated frequency(Hz) Rated voltage ratio (V) Accuracy class Rated output(VA) Ultimate output(VA) Rated insulation leve(kV)
JDZW-6R 50-60 6000/220 3 500 1000 7.2/32/60
JDZW-10R 50-60 10000/220 3 500 1000 12/42/75
JDZW-6R 50-60 600/100/220 0.5/3 30/500 1000 7.2/32/60
JDZW-10R 50-60 10000/100/220 0.5/3 30/500 1000 12/42/75

Type designation

 Outline and installation dimension

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