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Place of OriginZhejiang, ChinaBrand Name AISO/OEMModel Number LMK1,2-0.66Usage PowerPhase SingleCoil Structure ToroidalCoil Number AutotransformerProduct small electrical transformerProduct namecurrent transformerTypeLMK1,2-0.66Rated voltage 0.66kvRated Frequency50/60HzApplication low VoltageOperating Temperature-5℃~+40℃

LMK1,2-0.66/A,B(BH,SDH,MSQ) Molded-case current transformer




Series LMK1,2-0.66A,B(BH,MSQ,SDH) surrent transformer is mainly used for power system with rated frequency 50Hz and rated voltage under 0.66KV to measure electric energy, current and protect relay.

1, With full complete of specification and wide range of application, suitable for any primary current range from 5A to 5000A or from 1A to 4000A(including non-standard specification), the secondary current has two types: 5A and 1A, the different widow types can match with different bus-bars and cables.

2, With nice appearance and reasonable design.

3, With advanced technology and excellent performance.

4, Compared to same line of products, this product is more compact, less weight, larger capacity, higher capacity, higher accuracy and more compliance with the standard of electric-control design.

5, With features such as safety, flame retardant, without static electricity in the surface, the case is made of imported flame retardant material by high-pressure casting, so it has feature of high strength and resisting flame.

6, With features of firmness, durability, full-seal, high temperature resistant, moisture proof, anti-salt spray and prevent from electric-theft.

Type designation

Model description for BH, MSQ and SDH current transformer:

L-current transformer; K- plastic case; M-bus type; 1 or 2- design S/N;

A/B classification:

1, A: for square or circular type, can go through cable or busbar, generally used for monitoring.

2, B: for horizontal square-hole type, can go through 1 to 3 busbar, generally used for monitoring.

Application scope

1, working voltage: ≤0.66KV;

2, rated frequency:50-60Hz;

3, ambient temperature:-5℃- +40℃;

4, RH:≤85%;

5, environment without rain or snow, no heavy pollutant, no explosion or shock, no corrosive metal or dust or steam.

Using method

1, Select the suitable specification according to primary current and section of bus. The primary windings go through the window-hole of CT, dismantle the cover on the top of CT and remove shim, the cover will return to its original position after the secondary windings lead out, use screw to fix it and seal with lead inside the hole of case to prevent from electric-theft.

2, Polarity: P1 indicates the polarity winding, S1 indicates the same polarity of p2

Window size for model LMK2-0.66(BH)


Main technical parameters for model LMK1-0.66

Type Rated current ratio Sectuion of busbar Number of bars Rated load Accuracy grade Max working voltage
(-)30B 30/5-150/5 25*3 5-10 0.5 660
(-)30B 15/5 2.5 1 660
20/5 2.5 1 660
30/5 2.5 1 660
40/5 2.5 1 660
50/5 2.5 1 660
75/5 1 2.5 1 660
100/5 30*10 1 2.5 1 660
150/5 30*10 1 5 0.5 660
200/5 30*10 1 5 0.5 660
250/5 30*10 1 5 0.5 660
300/5 30*10 1 5 0.5 660

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