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LW3-10 Outdoor High Voltage SF6 Circuit Breaker

Specification: 1200-1500 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 1 PIECE
Supply Ability: 10000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of Originzhejiang, China
FeatureHigh Voltage

LW3-10 Outdoor High Voltage SF6 Circuit Breaker

SF6 gas is excellent insulating and arc-extinguishing medium, and it has best performance. Such equipment are the developing direction worldwide.

LW3-10 I II III type outdoor SF6 circuit breakers adopt SF6 gas as rec-extinguishing and insulating medium, which is applied to self-rotated arc extinguishing theory Operating mechanism is divided into I type hand charging spring operaring mechanism, II type motor charging spring operating mechanism and III type DC electromagnetic operating mechanism. All mechanism can cooperate with breaker body very well.

Main Technical Parameters

Item Description Unit Data
1 Rated voltage KV 10
2 Max. voltage KV 11.5
3 Rated insulation level(0.25Mpa, 20) lightning impact withstand voltage kv 75
1min power frequency withstand voltage 42
Raining withstand voltage 34
Anti-phace impact withstand voltage 85
4 Insulation level(0Mpa.20) 1 min power frequency withstand voltage KV 30
1 min anb-phase withstand voltage 30
5min maximum plase voltage 9
5 Rated current A 400   630
6 Rated break current on shorting KA 6.3   8   12.5
7 Different phase to ground reclosing breaking current KA 5.5   7.1   10.9
8 Breaking current on 0Mpa A 400   630
9 Rated insulation level I type
II,III type
10 Rated making current(peak) KA 16 20 31.5
11 Rated dynamic current(peak) KA 16 20 31.5
12 Rated thermal stability current KA 6.3 8 12.5
13 Rated thermal stability time S 4
14 Speed at instant of contacts touching M/S 2.6±0.2
15 Speed at separating of contacts touching M/S 2.6±0.2
16 Inherent closing time II,III type S ≤0.06
17 Inherent closing time I type S ≤0.06
II,III type ≤0.04
18 Rated working pressure Mpa 0.35(20)
19 Min working pressure Mpa 0.25(20)
20 Rate of leaking in a year % 1
21 Mechanical endurance operation(continuous) Times 6000
22 Weight I type Kg 122
II type 130
III type 132
23 The water content of SF6 PPM ≤150

Note:Please contact the factory to confirm the latest parameters

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