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Manufacturer Price LZZBJ9-20 Current Transformer With Good Quality

Specification: 200-300 USD/PIECE
Use Parts: 10 PIECE
Supply Ability: 1000 PIECE
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others
Place of OriginZhejiang, China
Brand NameAISO/OEM
Model NumberLZZBJ9-20
Coil StructureToroida
Coil NumberAutotransformer
ProductLZZBJ9-20 Current Transformer
Rated Voltage20kV
Rated Second Curr5A/1A
Rated frequency50Hz/60Hz
Rated Inulating Lev24/65/125KV
Capacitor CertificatGB20840.2-2014
Type20kv transformer
Packaging DetailsNormal export packing
PortNingbo or Shanghai

LZZBJ9-20 Current Transformer


The current transformer is casting resin and fully enclosed product. It is used formetering electric energy and current, relay protection in therelay protection in the electrical system of rated frequtncy 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage 20KV. The transformers be executed according to the standards IEC44-1 and GB20840.1-2010, GB20840.2-2014 Current Transformer.

Type designation


Structural introduction

This type of current transformer is fully enclosed and post type. It is small and light. There are four fixing hole of 4-M10 on the bottom.

Technical parameter

 1, Rated insulated level: 24/65/125KV

2, Rated secondary current: 5A, 1A
3, Rated primary current, accuracy combination, rated output, dynamic and thermal stability current.
4, The conditions of the partial discharge test according to GB20840.1-2010&GB20840.2-2014 Current transformer will be fulfilled without exception.
Dynamic thermal stability technical parameters

1, If being request, the measuring class can reach to 0.2S or 0.5S class.
2, We can make multi-trans formation-ratio current transformer of single measuring winding or single protivc winding, such as single measuring winding: 100-150-200/5A 0.2 class 10VA, Ith=31.5A
Single protective class: 100-150-200/5A, 5P15 class, 10VA, Ith=31.5A.

Main technical parameter

Rated primary current(A) Accuracy class combination Rated output (VA) short-time thermal current (KA ) Rated dynamic current (KA )
0.2, 0.2S 0.5, 0.5S 10P10 10P15
30-150 0.2s/0.5s/10p 0.2s/0.5/10p 0.5s/0.5/10p 10 10 15 15 200Iln 500Iln
150-200 31.5 80
200-300 45 112.5
300-400 63 130
600-800 15 20 15 80 160
1500-2000 15 20 30 20 100 160

Outline and installation dimension

 Manufacturer Price LZZBJ9-20 Current Transformer With Good Quality

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